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Soft-Story Retrofit Services

Soft-Story Retrofit Seminar
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Subject: Learn more about the soft-story mandatory law, the timeframe, tenant habitability requirements and the basic principles behind retrofit engineering and construction.

Presenter: President of LA Retrofit – Ph.D. in Structural Engineering 


Elodia R.

November 28, 2016

LA Retrofit helped us get the soft-story compliance for our buildings. LA Retrofit team were honest, easy to work with and caring and retrofit process was hassle-free and very economic.

Elodia R.


Why Retrofit

Older buildings are not designed to withstand shakings from earthquakes and usually have a
‘soft’ story which may collapse during an earthquake.

City Law

Some of regulations related to retrofit mandated by Los Angeles City is provided here to give you
the general idea. Please contact us to get more information about our engineering services.

Retrofit Process

Free Inspection

Free Inspection

Our engineer inspects building to get dimensions, identifying structural system, and does health assessment.

Plan and Permit

Plan and Permit

Highly experienced engineer determines available strength of building and efficiently design retrofit plans only for the shortcomings.

Retrofit Construction

Retrofit Construction

Highly experienced contractor constructs the plans safely, quickly and efficiently under constant engineer monitoring.


Our engineering staff and contractors are highly experienced and educated in site visit, engineering design, and construction. We are capable of assessing the existing strength of your building and prepare a highly economic retrofit plan; so we only strengthen the building for the shortcomings. Our crew members are highly experienced and each project is directly
supervised by our engineers for customer satisfaction and quality assurance.

Experienced Engineers

Experienced Engineers

Our team consists of civil engineers and contractors specialized in the seismic retrofit of buildings.

Economic Plans

Economic Plans

We understand the seismic behavior of the building and retrofit alternatives. We design efficient and economic plan.

Safe/Easy Construction

Safe/Easy Construction

Our retrofit plans are practical and comply with building codes. Construction minimally affect tenants and habitability.


LA-Retrofit team has more than 40 years of experience, is founded by experienced experts and
supported by team of engineers and highly skilled contractors. Our engineers visit every building and will be
present for the retrofit process to ensure quality and safety.

LA Retrofit engineers and crew have experience in broad range of projects including construction, retrofit, and
geotechnical investigations:

LA Retrofit team members have helped and are helping U.S. Geological Survey to understand dynamics of
earthquake triggering and effects in multiple occasions.


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